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Reaching the Depths

of the Human Experience

Upcoming Events

Heal the Body Through the Subconscious

Start Date: February 4th, 2022

Release stored emotions and memories from past events that cause aches, pains, illnesses, and all other body-related issues.


Reframing trauma and life’s difficulties through community, conversation, and transformation.


Release Stored Traumas Within the Body

Release stored subconscious beliefs and transform your body, mind, and soul.

The Alchemy Program

Create powerful change, starting from within.

Full guidance, a complete transformation.

"I have spent a lifetime searching, exploring, and diving to the depths of the human experience. I have gone deep so that you can fly."
- Tara Kabatoff, Teacher, Healer & Guide

"Your skill has endeared you into many hearts. In such a short time you have taught me how to be a more effective human being."

7 Stages for Healing

& Opening the Heart

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