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Create powerful change, starting from within.

Join me for a unique and highly transformative personalized program as I guide you through the process of transformation and manifestation, harnessing the power of the lunar cycles.

We meet once a week for 4 weeks:


New Moon Ritual; Set intentions, align with future goals, teachings, guided meditation, and readings (optional: body healing/energy releasing or tarot).


First Quarter: Establish an action plan for goal-setting, teachings, guided meditation, and readings (optional: body healing/energy releasing or tarot).


Full Moon Ritual; Clearing and releasing of limitations and past wounds, teachings, meditation, and readings (optional: body healing/energy releasing or tarot).


Last Quarter: Addressing fears, limitations, and belief systems with subconscious re-programming, surrendering exercises, guided meditation and readings (optional: body healing/energy releasing or tarot).

Including full support throughout the program via WhatsApp.

You want to:

Break free from limiting beliefs, past wounds, and internal fears.

Be fully guided and supported through powerful transformation.

Streamline incredible change with your manifestations.

Connect with self-love and attract meaningful relationships.

Confidently create a highly successful career aligned with who you are and what you have to offer the world.


Develop an understanding of who you are on a soul level and form alignment between mind, body, heart and soul, and the masculine and feminine.

Deepen your spiritual practice, heighten your intuitive gifts and rise to a higher state of consciousness. 


Claim sovereignty and step into your limitless power and potential as a deliberate creator of your destiny.

Be safely guided through the process of death & rebirth.



"Tara's Moon Program opened up an entirely new way of creating and receiving my manifestations. Her easy-to-follow format and consistent guidance are helping me remove lifelong blockages and turning my dream business into a reality faster than I thought possible!"

- D.M.

"Tara, don't ever doubt the work that you do because you have seriously change my life for the better. I can't express it enough. I feel like you've saved my life! I know it's not just me, those closest to me have noticed my transformation and I feel like your guidance and energy work has allowed me to change more than the work I have been doing most of my life."

- M.C.

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Your greatest investment

The life I desired hasn't come easy for me. Through a lifetime of darkness and struggle, I spent years trying to improve my life while using typical manifestation techniques to change my situations. Nothing seemed to work. I had to find myself, target my subconscious belief systems, change my mindset, heal traumas, and remain dedicated to wanting something better, meaningful, and limitless.

My self-discovery, trauma release work, and working with the lunar cycles drastically changed my life. Not only did I streamline my manifestations, but I drastically altered who I am. My perceptions, belief system, mental and emotional state, relationships, and the outer world have all changed, leading me towards a far more fulfilling outcome than I could ever have imagined.

Now it's my turn to share this secret with you.


Each new moon offers a new flavour to address specific traits and aspects within yourself for continual ascension towards a higher state of consciousness and manifestation of your divine calling.



$888.88/mo. x 3mo.


Please send me an email directly to register for this 1:1 transformative experience.


I look forward to working with you!
~Tara Kabatoff

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