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Traumas from early life become stored within the subconscious, forming personal beliefs and chronic pains and illnesses within the body.

Life is then experienced through subconscious programming and chronic issues without realizing it.

These traumas and energetic wounds become triggered throughout life, affecting the body, perceptions, mindsets, emotions, relationships, confidence, and the like, until the source can be identified and released.

Your body is sending signals to you all the time. It's time to start listening.

How does it work?

By incorporating my intuitive practice and working with the teachings of Michael J. Lincoln, PH.D., I can understand patterns, symptoms, and connecting networks within the body to target what needs to be released. Passages from the book allow your subconscious to connect with and release past situations to open new networks for creating a fulfilling life experience. Mindfulness and manifestation techniques are incorporated to help reshape your future based on resolving the past. 

What Can Be Treated

Chronic Pain, Illnesses, Diseases, Body Aches, Fatigue, Sleep Issues, Brain Fog, Depression, Anxiety, Mental Strain and Confusion, Anger, Resentment, Stored Memories, Guilt, Shame, Fear, Grief, Subconscious Programming, and much more.


The Results

"I bought a private tarot card reading from Tara as I was in very sad shape emotionally and psychologically after a breakup. After the reading, Tara opened a doorway for me to heal traumas in my subconscious mind that I had worked on my entire life ( 63 years). Having worked with essentially every therapy available for trauma, EMDR, and hallucinogenic, and read every book ( The body keeps Score etc), I found little relief. I could not break free of repeating patterns. Her work paired with that of Dr. Michael J. Lincoln is brilliant, profoundly different, and immediately impacted me. The passages in the book that Tara read to me felt as though the author had been in the scenes and emotions of my childhood. My subconscious mind that had sealed off the trauma shifted and the patterns that I had been stuck in my entire life began releasing. I committed to two months of work and will now keep it going as maintenance because I am truly unrecognizable in the internal feeling and feedback that I get from family and friends.  It is very powerful and relatively effortless, even the shifting while painful at times, the readings created clarity as to what was coming to the surface and I was able to shift into something very beautiful within my heart and body.


I highly recommend working with this process as it is the clearest path for relief and clearing to what you don’t know or don’t understand but is controlling your life."


"I’ve had 2 sessions in a 2 week period, and I’ve not felt this good physically in over 2 years. I was diagnosed with Endometriosis and Uterine Fibroids over 2 years ago, I have had several surgeries and have still been in Chronic debilitating pain. I’ve also had Chronic migraines for over 20+ years. After two sessions with Tara, I’ve not had an Endo Flare up, the back pain and stomach pain are gone and migraines are slowly diminishing!


My energy levels have been great and the brain fog from being in chronic pain is also diminishing more every day!"
- M.S.


"Tara was incredibly easy to talk to. It was like I'd always known her. Working with her on my chronic back pain turned into so much transformation. So many deepest and darkest moments in life were opened up and brought to light. The work I did with Tara set me free from so much suffering. You can do all the conscious work but until you tap into the subconscious, you'll then realize how much has been stored from other people's projections of you. I realized I am actually none of those things. This work gave me my life back. I cannot recommend it enough. Working with the subconscious brought my journey to a whole new level."
- M.C.

"Tara has absolutely shifted my life to a more sensible and valuable experience!
She honours my roots and has made me feel seen through her readings and especially with her body-healing work. I suffer from many chronic and immune issues and Tara has truly helped me find the cause so I can live a healthier and happier life! I can't thank her enough for all she has blessed me with and am so thankful the universe has brought her to me!" ✨️🌱🌎🕊️✌️💛
- L.S.

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Book Today!

Bundle rate with a commitment of 3 sessions (minimum) for $111.11usd/session.
Contact me directly for a free 30min video consultation and assessment.
Your soul must be ready for change to receive the benefits of this work.

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