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2021 - Universal Year Number 5

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

With a sigh of relief, we leave behind one of the more challenging years in history. How will 2021 be different?

I vividly remember January 1st, 2020, and the intense energy I felt that day. I had a profoundly deep feeling that the year would welcome a massive turn around. I was thrilled, excited, and couldn't wait to get started. Then, slowly but surely, my optimism eventually began to change.

Regardless of what was happening on a global scale, 2020 help dismantle what no longer served me so that massive change could take place. Admittedly the outcome was not exactly what I was expecting yet beyond what I imagined.

2020 will be remembered as a remarkable year in history as it challenged humanity on both global and individualistic levels. It was a shake-up like never before. Everything about who we are individually and collectively had been challenged. 2020 was a Universal Year Number 4, which held the energy about our foundation and encouraged us to get real about life plans. Perhaps you may have felt the urge to reflect on your foundation and take the necessary steps to focus on what it will take to move forward on your path from a realistic and goal-oriented level.

How will 2021 be different? Here's a look.

2021 is a universal year number 5.


In numerology, number 5 contains energies of freedom, change, social encounters, adaptability, courage, and unexpected change. Number 5 energies are contrasting from number 4. As 2020 (number 4) allowed time to assess the foundations on which our realities exist, this next year of number 5 will bring forth energies of change and determination for moving forward in a new and different way. However, due to some unpredictable and unstable energies of the number 5, we may not be completely clear of the challenges from 2020. Without getting too complicated with associated numbers within the 2021 spectrum, as a summary, our collective could very well experience a continued change including battles of polarization and misinformation.

If you have been focusing on your foundation throughout 2020, keep your goals in mind throughout the upcoming year. If the unexpected knocks on your door, it very well could be an invitation to jump out of your comfort zone and initiate a new and exciting future.

We can also keep our eyes set on 2022 as this will be a universal year number 6! The 2's will offer incredible energies of nurturing balance and alignment, especially between relationships and the 6 is all about love, nurturing, protection, family, community, and even karmic lessons. Stay tuned!