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Everything you need to know about April 2021

Prepare for a time of endings as we enter Universal Month Number 9.

April 2021 will be a month of impact as we step into a timeframe consisting of endings and beginnings. Universal Month Number 9 marks the end of a cycle, a time when certain aspects of our lives come to an end. Expect significant change within your career, relationships, friendships, family, or within yourself. Use this time wisely to cut old ties and let go of old stories, emotions, and all that no longer serves to make space for a new beginning.


Endings are sometimes challenging but essential for creating alignment with your higher purpose and desires. To also grow, develop knowledge, clarity, and greater wisdom. An important aspect of number 9 is to surrender and have faith in the plan. You will be guided at this time so let go, release, and don't turn back!

For the greater portion of April, we will in Aries season, which is the start of a new zodiac calendar. Aries, the cardinal ram, is fiery energy of new beginnings, determination, passion, and excitement. Expect April to be a month of impact as there could be significant transitions between endings and beginnings - all within one month!

April will bring ambition, determination, and progression. A perfect time to focus on new endeavors. If you've been thinking of starting something, now is the time!

April is a transformative and impactful month consisting of endings and beginnings.

Once we find our feet within this transition, we will be able to place them firmly on the ground with the support of the calm, dedicated, and fixed sign, Taurus (April 20th). The energy of Taurus will bring new projects, relationships, and all endeavors to a grounded, stable, and practical pace. Taurus's commitment towards a steady and logical approach will help lay the foundation for long-term success.

In conclusion, the energy of number 9 will allow us to finalize what's required to focus on the future. This process could be a quick and sudden change or last for a few weeks. Remember that this experience is happening for you to be in alignment with your manifestations and soul journey.

Endings are part of our manifestation journey and will assist us with our path forward.

There are a few dates to be aware of as we move into April 2021:

April 3rd Mercury in Aries. Communication may become blunt, assertive, and spontaneous.

April 11th New Moon in Aries. This moon is the first new moon within the new zodiac calendar. A perfect time to set intentions as you will be supported with a bold new beginning. Ch