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Everything you need to know about April, 2022

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Welcoming a new cycle of initiation, activation, and opportunities.

Our natural rhythm of life moves in cycles. The more we understand these cycles, the more we can align with the energy of nature, ourselves, and the universe. Each phase within a cycle offers essential aspects to focus on, allowing for transformation and a greater sense of awareness. Ultimately, to ascend towards alignment with our authentic self and a higher state of consciousness.

The zodiac calendar and numerology month numbers offer a natural cycle to work with for flow, transformation, and expansion throughout our life journey. March offered a time of conclusions and integration with Pisces season and Universal Month 9 to prepare us for the next cycle of beginnings.

April 1st marks the beginning of Universal Month Number 1, inviting us to say "yes" to the future we feel in alignment with the most and initiate the steps we must take to begin our journey towards our destiny. By being in alignment with your pure, authentic self, you will have a clear vision of your future and know the necessary steps to get there.

April is a time of beginnings, rebirth, renewal. A time to initiate, be spontaneous, adaptable, and adventurous. To venture out of potentially being inward and engage with creative ideas, relationships, health and wellness, and adventure. Reflect on what areas of your life can welcome a fresh new start and make the steps to initiate the change and step out of the comfort zone.

What can be done differently to initiate positive change?

For the majority of April, we will be in Aries season. Paired with the Universal Month Number 1 and the Aries new moon on the 1st, prepare to step into your power and take charge of your destiny!

Aries, ruled by Mars, the god of war, will ignite change, passion, primal urges, leadership, and taking charge of one's destiny. The Number 1 within this month will amplify the energy of Aries with similar energetic traits. Proceed with caution when dealing with confrontation or triggers as the 'firey' energy may be quite intense within certain situations.

April is a time to reflect upon:

- What area of my life is ready for a refresh?

- How can I step out of my comfort zone?

- What requires initiation?

- What requires me to be bold?

- What can I do to take action?

- Where am I headed?

April 20th marks the beginning of Taurus season. The fixed earth sign of the bull nurtures the seeds that have been planted, giving time to grow and blossom into abundant form. Energy will slow down, intentions will begin to germinate, and relationships will blossom.