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Everything you need to know about August 2021

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Building stable foundations with a Universal Month Number 4.

July offered a month for connection, creation, and expression with the Universal Month Number 3. As we were in Cancer season for the majority, emotions may have come to the surface leading to a deeper understanding of self and self-expression.

Connections that you may have formed or any creative ideas that developed in July will now be carried through in August to build a solid foundation for growth as we enter Universal Month Number 4.

(8+2+0+2+1 =1+3 =4)

The stable and dedicated Number 4 is a no-nonsense number and bodes well for producing results. August will be a time to focus, plan, and build a strong foundation in any area of your life, whether it be a relationship, career, or personal growth. Your future success will depend on how you set yourself up at this time.

LION'S GATE 8/8 (New Moon in Leo August 8th)

Moon energy is highly powerful. Be prepared for a mix of energies coming together all at once, offering a portal for you to take a giant leap towards the power and success you wish to create.

New Moon in Leo will be one for the records as we remain in a Universal Year 5 (2021 is all about change). Use this energy wisely and create the future you want to be part of within the next six months.

Number 8 is all about personal power, prosperity, and karma. The 16 (8+8) is a Karmic Debt Number of the Fall of the Ego/Rise of the Phoenix. This number produces great spiritual wisdom as 1+6=7 is the most spiritual number of all.

August is a time to create and build your solid foundation as this will set you up for the level of success you wish to achieve in the long term.

For the majority of August, we will be in Leo Season. A time when we let our heart lead us, allowing the world to see our light through confidence, passion, and optimism.

August is a time to reflect upon:

- Am I aligning fully with my passions?

- Am I allowing my confidence to be at the forefront of my success?

- Is my light shining bright for others to see and feel/

- Is there anything holding me back from stepping into my power?