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Everything you need to know about August 2022

The month of July allowed for deeply connecting with our emotions and intuition and making adjustments to align with any changes we may have experienced over the last couple of lunar cycles to build a foundation within self or our surrounding. August offers us a time to be open to infinite possibilities based on releasing, realizations, and confidence developed, opening the gateway for a completely new life experience.

The month of August is a Universal Month Number 5 (2+0+2+2+8=1+4=5).

August may be one of those moments in life when the results of your transformation become very real. Universal Month 5 is all about change, and it will powerfully support the following:

New Moon in Leo (July 28th): Intentions that were set during the new moon of confidence, sharing your light with the world, opening your heart, and following your dreams may get a boost in this month.

Lion's Gate 8/8 Portal: The energy of 8 is related to personal power and prosperity. The infinite motion of thoughts, intentions, and frequencies is based on our potency, alignment with our true self and with the future we are consciously creating.

Full Moon in Aquarius 11/8: The Full SuperMoon in Aquarius is serious and concludes a compelling gateway of the 'self'; the self that we once knew as our former identity. The veil is being lifted from the reality that humanity once was led to believe, which is also reflective of our internal journey. This powerful full moon offers a time to shed old and outdated beliefs and limiting energy to fully step into the newly discovered yet authentic and potent self.

I will be hosting a full moon ritual on the 11th to work with the powerful energy of releasing. Registration will be promoted via YouTube, IG, and email.

The Universal Month Number 5 ushers in change whether you are ready or not. The key to best managing the energy of this number is to remain flexible, open, and adaptable to the unexpected. The Universe knows what you have been desiring and of course, your cosmic destiny is unfolding. Some may feel intuitive, some may be a surprise - be open to both.

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” – Harriet Tubman

For the majority of August, we will be predominantly in Leo season. Paired with the Number 5 will offer change based on what you've been transforming within yourself and your outer world based on courage, love, and sharing your light with the world.

August is a time to reflect upon:

- Who am I in the future that I desire most?

- Where can I be more flexible?