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Everything you need to know about December 2021

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Ending the year in a month of expansion, new beginnings, and stepping into personal power and infinite creation with a Universal Month Number 8.

November was a month of transformation, allowing us to dive into the depths of our soul and activate a future reality of a high vibrational match. To shake off the remaining attachments from 2021 (and beyond) before stepping into a new year.

In December, we will venture forth in a new light and claim our power through alignment with core beliefs, truth, and authentic self. As December is a Universal Month Number 8, use this time wisely to align with your unique power - a time to aim big. The Number 8 is all about personal power and prosperity and also holds the frequency of karma. What you send out is what you get back (thoughts, feelings, intentions, actions). Truth, authenticity, and purpose hold incredible power and are what make you unstoppable.


How do you want your year to end? Most importantly, how do you want your new year to begin?

For the majority of December, we will be in the Sagittarius season. New experiences will start to form resulting from the shadow work of November. Adventure and expansion will be key themes as well, defining and aligning with our core truth.

December is a time to reflect upon:

- What is my truth?

- What is my purpose?

- What does my life look like from a higher view?

- How do I want to step into the new year?

- How does my direction align with my truth?

December 21st marks the beginning of Capricorn season and winter solstice, when we are able to transmute our inner knowing and desires into practical form. Capricorn paired with a Universal Month Number 8 will prove to be a powerful duo for developing practical plans for great success.


Get ready for the new moon eclipse, December 4th, with the theme of New Beginnings!

If you've been feeling stuck in limbo, within old patterns, beliefs, or attachments, expect that to change. The New Moon in Sagittarius will open a gateway for integration of past knowledge and experiences, detachment from the old, alignment with truth, and a fresh new start for the year ahead.

Join me for the Moon Manifestation Workshop, starting December 4th, 2021! I will guide you through the steps for reflection, stepping into your power, and opening the door for new beginnings and the direction you wish to embark in 2022!