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Everything you need to know about December 2022

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Here we are, arriving at the final chapter of 2022 with a Universal Month Number 9; the frequency of endings, global consciousness, and human connection (2+0+2+2+1+2=9).

Ending 2022 with a Month 9 is, well, epic.

December marks the end of a monumental year, a time when we reflect, slow down and prepare for the year ahead. Emotions may surface while further personal realizations conclude from the last eclipse season. With the 9 in effect, emotions may be magnified yet offer the ability to resolve differences, cut unhealthy attachments, and dissolve old paradigms within self, relationships, and the practical realm.

12/12: The 12/12 day may offer an extra intuitive boost, balance within self or with a close relationship, and bring clarity and a new realization that may heal or initiate positive change. Look for the opportunity this day can bring with a new partnership, ideas, harmony, and balance.


I'll be taking the month off from moon rituals but make sure to keep an eye out for a Christmas Day Live on my personal YouTube channel where we can connect with those who are spending Christmas day alone.

“Endings offer a time for transformation. Look for the doorway of opportunity leading towards something new.”

For the majority of December, we will be in Sagittarius season, transmuting our inner realizations and revelations toward an alignment with inner truth and the highest calling. The mutable energy of Sagittarius offers a time to learn, explore, and align with our highest self for growth and expansion.

December is a time to reflect upon:

- Where is my truth guiding me?

- What has been my greatest revelations of 2022?

- What do I desire to create in the new year?

- What needs to conclude?

December 22nd marks the beginning of Capricorn season when we ground new realizations, discoveries, and desires into formation within the practical realm. Capricorn is cardinal earth, dedicated to building success through har