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Everything you need to know about February 2021

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Get ready to move inward on a journey of introspection and spiritual growth as we enter Universal Month Number 7.

Moving from a beautiful, nurturing, supportive, and protective energy throughout January 2021 (Universal Month Number 6), we will be transitioning toward a month of deep introspection and spiritual growth. February holds a Universal Month Number 7, a time to go inward for deep analysis and search for answers.


Number 7 is all about introspection, dissecting information, and getting straight to the point. You may feel drawn towards self-development on a personal or spiritual level. Senses may be heightened and tuned into listening and paying close attention to those around you and the information gathered.

A wonderful compliment to the energy of Number 7 is the deep thinking and humanitarian energy of Aquarius (January 20th to February 18th), transitioning into the gentle depths of Pisces (February 18th - March 20th). The movement of intellect, open-mindedness, and progressive energies around Aquarius season will lead to a nice compliment of learning and exploring various topics or diving deep into uncharted waters of the mind and soul. With Pisces being the final sign of the zodiac and a culmination of all wisdom and energies from the previous zodiacs, this very well could be a dreamy time to go even deeper within all realms of spiritual and emotional exploration.

February is a perfect time for self-discovery by allowing yourself to detach from routines and others. Nourish your mind, body, and soul by being in solitude. Walks in nature, meditation, extra rest, diving deep into books and podcasts, whatever resonates most.

It's time to dive deeper within the mystical, introspective energy of the Universal Month Number 7.

There are a few dates to be aware of as we move into February 2021:

January 30th - February 21st Mercury goes retrograde.

February 1st Venus enters Aquarius. Love and finances may experience the unexpected with unique occurrences.

February 11th New Moon in Aquarius. Intensity around freedom, independence, and the unexpected.

February 12th</