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Everything you need to know about January 2021

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Get ready to welcome a giant collective embrace as we enter Universal Month Number 6.

After a monumentally turbulent 2020, we move into the new year with a giant collective embrace. January holds a Universal Month Number of 6, a beautiful, nurturing, supportive, and protective energy.


There perhaps may be feeling towards the home front, family, and communities. It is a time where we may feel compelled to offer care and support to those who are close and the broader community or collective. 6 is the glue that holds relationships together, balancing emotional and logical factors in perfect harmony. If you will be extending assistance or support to others, ensure healthy boundaries to maintain balance and harmony within your own space and well-being.

A wonderful compliment to the Number 6 energy is the earthy, hard-working Capricorn energy within the first half of January with the New Moon in Capricorn on January 13th. This New Moon welcomes in a grounded energy offering support towards the outside world. With both of these energies of the Universal Month Number and Capricorn, take note of intentions. Are they authentically aligned with your values? Or are you looking for external gratification, praise, or reward? Align with and trust your true intentions and inner values as your reward will be far greater than ever imagined.

After a colossal year of turbulence, we move into the new year with a giant, collective embrace.

There are a few dates to be aware of as we move into January 2021:

January 6th Mars enters Taurus. The energy of perseverance, dedication, and working towards goals.

January 8th Mercury enters Aquarius. Intuition and rapid thought processes will be on the rise.

January 8th Venus enters Capricorn. There may be difficulties with expression, yet devoted and committed energy will be available for relationships.

January 13th New Moon in Capricorn. Strong feeling to be supportive in society with a sense of outside approval. Align and trust inner values. Set intentions and manifestations for the month ahead!