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Everything you need to know about January 2022

A new year of LOVE and a month searching for hidden truths with a Universal Month Number 7.


We made it through the highly transformative year of 2021 with perhaps a new perception of our reality, who we are, what we want to create, and how we want our future to unfold. Regardless of your journey and experiences within the last year (and beyond), get ready to transition into a year of LOVE with a universal year number 6, starting in a universal month number 7.

In January, we have an opportune moment to begin the year by searching for answers within the great mysteries in life and challenging truths. A perfect way to initiate a year when we can design by choice. Use this time to connect with your truth, search within, and uncover answers for clarity and understanding to build the year aligning with your highest good and deepest desires.


2022 is a highly anticipated year as it marks a pivotal moment in history supporting the energy shift towards a frequency of heightened consciousness, balance, healing, and the divine feminine. Expect this year to provide a monumental shift furthering the dismantling of old paradigms, dualities, and limiting beliefs both on a collective and individual level.

What does love mean for you, and where can you integrate more heart energy into your life?

For the majority of January, we will be in the Capricorn season. An optimal time to develop clear goals for the future and incorporate the discipline required to remain committed. We may have a clear vision of what we want as the outcome, but calculated steps and structure are crucial, resulting in great rewards and ultimate freedom.

January is a time to reflect upon:

- What are my goals for the new year and beyond?

- What can I commit to for building out various aspects of my future?

- Where can I incorporate more discipline and structure?

- What will it take personally to accomplish my goals?

- What can I do now to build the foundation of success in all areas of my life?

January 20th marks the beginning of Aquarius season when we may feel like doing things 'our own way', challenging old systems, and focusing on making the world a better place.


Get ready for the new moon, January 2nd, with the theme of Building a New Chapter!

Be prepared for a