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Everything you need to know about January 2023

Happy New Year! Sending you wishes for a magical and abundant 2023!

We begin 2023 with a powerful combination of the 1 and 8 frequencies, working together to initiate a powerful new chapter by offering this month to connect with what we want to build (Capricorn) and how we can best align with our goals and desires based on alignment with our highest selves.

January is a Universal Month 8 (2+0+2+3+1= 8), the frequency of power, prosperity, and balance. With the 8 representing the infinity sign, everything is in motion. Our thoughts, emotions, intentions, and actions constantly send signals into the Universe. Working with the energy of 8 is a powerful force for manifesting from the spiritual into the practical. Paired with the 1, these two energies will be a force for creation, leadership, initiation, and willpower.

Side note: February will be a Universal Month 9, allowing for old attachments, identities, beliefs, energies, or relationships to conclude. Anything you initiate this month will require an old aspect to dissipate.

Keep in mind throughout the year, we are in a Universal Year 7, of a deeper dive into our spiritual selves and searching for the truth within the vast network of our being and the great mysteries of life. The truth will be the theme for the year; make sure to listen to my podcast episode, The Truth will be Known, where I explain the year in greater detail.

8/8: Work with the powerful energy of January 8th to align with your desires and the flow of creation. Align with your vision of the future and prepare to apply yourself through a balanced effort based on alignment with your soul calling and higher self. You may feel extra motivated this day so use the energy to your advantage!


The moon rituals are back for 2023! Make sure to join the full moon ritual on 6/1 to work with the energy of Cancer for connecting with our emotions, strengthen our intuition, and releasing any buried emotions that may be preventing expression and healing through the frequency of love. I guide the group through the Cancer archetype, journal prompts, group energy reading, and transformative guided meditation.

“The passageway to connection is through the heart.”

For the majority of January, we will ground in the practical and determined energy of Capricorn. The pairing with the 8/1 will be highly advantageous for building the foundation of success within the practical realm. Consider finances, planning, investing, and building when aligning with your future dreams and desires.

January is a time to reflect upon:

- What do I want to create in the new year?

- What am I feeling guided towards?