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Everything you need to know about June 2021

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

Balance, union, and coming together with a Universal Month Number 2.

Many of us experienced quite a ride in May! Some noticed drastic shifts, while others adjusted to more subtle changes. Depending on the degree, there certainly was a level of newfound inspiration to try something new, revisit career or life direction, or welcome new friendships or relationships. Dovetailing from the 'initiation' energy of Universal Month Number 1 (May), we will be invited to connect with new or existing relationships, the coming together of differences, and the union of ideas, perspectives, or philosophies. The balance may start to form within ourselves, between personal relationships, or within diverse groups as we enter a Universal Month Number 2.

(6+2+0+2+1 =1+1 =2)

Number 2 brings an energy of balance and connection between two entities and may show up in the physical realm or internally on a personal level. As we are also in Universal Year Number 5, we may notice change take place with a relationship, business partnership, or even groups. Change can usher in a connection that we were desiring or stir things up to reflect upon and focus on the relationship we truly want.

If you are a lone wolf, this month may inspire you to pair up with another, ask for assistance that you would not consider otherwise, or experience someone magically appear to accompany you on your path forward.

June 2021 is not only a Universal Month Number 2 but an 11/2. We may very well experience beautiful energy, awareness, emotion, and intuition evolving from these particular unions.

June is a time of deeper union within self, a relationship, ideas, or groups.

For the majority of June, we will be in Gemini season. The playful, intellectual, and communicative energy of Gemini will strengthen our connections, expand knowledge, and express insight and wisdom. This energy will be quite the departure from the practical and steady momentum of Taurus as we may feel an uplifting energy to play, travel, express ourselves, learn, and connect.

As Mercury will be retrograde throughout the majority of Gemini season, we may notice amplification of these traits. Meaning, there may be an intenseness between interactions and overall communication breakdowns, thoughts running amuck, transportation delays, and technological glitches. If you experience any of these occurrences, go inward and reflect on how to maneuver through the challenges in the healthiest way possible. With Gemini's flexibility, we have the ability to welcome swift adaptability with challenges, re-visit something old and move through the month with ease and playfulness.

On June 20th, we enter Summer Solstice and the beginning of Cancer season, which will invite us to open our hearts and connect with our deepest emotions. A time where any partnerships in Universal Month Number 2 become more intimate, expressive, and real.

"In union, there is strength." - artist unknown

There are a few dates to be aware of as we move into June 2021: