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Everything you need to know about March 2022

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Harness your magical abilities to conclude a chapter and create anew with the holy trinity of 3/6/9.

February was a time of transitions and stabilizing our power after two retrogrades and within a Month Number 8. We must not forget that we are in the midst of a significant collective upgrade. Regardless of what's happening with the planets, numbers, and our day-to-day lives, we are shifting, and fast. If you're finding yourself transfixed on certain aspects of your life, remember to look at the bigger picture. Energy is cycling through, shedding the dense energy of the old and making space for higher consciousness.

Welcome the holy trinity of 3/6/9

March = 3rd month

Universal Year Number = 6

Universal Month Number = 9 (2+0+2+2+3=9)

3/6/9 is the magic combination that "holds the key to the universe", quotes Tesla.

As Pythagoras states that "numbers rule the universe", one can find the 3/6/9 at the root of many great mysteries in life (3 pyramids of Giza, the triangle, the circle (360), golden ratio, the basis for many of Tesla's inventions, only to name a few).

Without going too much into detail, the primary aspect of this combination is its ability to harness flow, balance, synergy, and that something special. (I do encourage you to research the sacred and mathematical magic of 3/6/9)

March is a Universal Month Number 9. A time of conclusions, endings, and awakening. Use this time to conclude all matters that need to be finalized or released in preparation for a new cycle. Learn from the past and break old cycles, patterns, beliefs, or attachments. Integrate all that you have learnt, experienced, and especially give thanks as you move forward with love and openness.

Omne Trium Perfectum: everything that is three is perfect.

For the majority of March, we will be in Pisces season. Paired with the 3/6/9, simply wow.

Not only are we in a month of endings with the 9, but we are also at the end of the zodiac calendar. Pisces (similar to the life path 9) shares traits from all preceding zodiacs, integrating and filtering experiences from the past. Pisces is highly intuitive, creative, connected to the cosmos, and lives through the heart.

March is a time to reflect upon:

- Who am I now?

- What do I feel within myself?

- What have I gained over the past 11 months?

- What needs to finalize before my next cycle?

- How does my heart feel?