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Everything you need to know about November 2022

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Get ready for a month of magic and transformation with a mix of Scorpio, Sagittarius, a Total Lunar Eclipse, Month Number 11, and a Universal Month Number 8 (2+0+2+2+1+1=8). Phew!

Let's break it down.

November, being a Universal Month Number 8, signifies personal power, prosperity, and the ability to create great success. There is a caveat, however. If there is an imbalance or intent that goes against the accordance with one's highest good, the law of cause and effect will make it known. Those who possess the Number 8 in their chart or have a Life Path 8 know this all too well. The Number 8 possess infinite potential but must come from a place of personal belief, trust, and the ability to carry it through with confidence. If so, they will be abundantly rewarded. Personal beliefs, mindset, emotions, and actions must align with the desired future to create results. Because we are in Month 11, one of the more magical months of the year, we can amplify our manifestations by opening the channels to connect with our higher selves.

11/11: The energy of 11 is the most intuitive of all as it acts like a conductor straight to the cosmos. Energy flows with the 11, and with double 11s, enjoy the day of pure connection to your higher self and channel messages, inspiration, and healing for your highest good. If you are looking for answers or guidance, this is the day to do it. Find time for meditation to get out of the thoughts and into your heart; open for expansion and creative abilities for manifestation by setting your frequency to the highest level possible.

Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus 8/11: The full moon, a total lunar eclipse in Taurus offers a time for conclusions, realizations, and unexpected change that finalizes a 6-month cycle. Take note of what is concluding within your transformative journey. Change is upon us and we have a powerful time to consciously create our next 6-month cycle based on an alignment with our higher purpose and intent. The lunar eclipse also falls under a DOUBLE 8/8 day! Wow. Grab a hold of the possibilities and align with the energy of Taurus to nurture your manifestations into fruition within the practical realm.

Make sure to join my full moon ritual on 8/11 to take advantage of this powerful time for your transformational journey. I am now including group energy clearings targeting the subconscious to release limiting and stored beliefs for deeper transformation.

“We must feel it to believe it. We must believe it to make it so.” – Tara Kabatoff

For the majority of November, we will be in Scorpio season, diving into the depths of our subconscious, psyche, and relationships to address what the ego might be holding onto with means of control.

November is a time to reflect upon:

- What am I holding onto and how can I let go?

- What is my highest purpose?

- What is ending and what is beginning?