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Everything you need to know about October 2022

September offered a time of cleansing during Virgo season, a time to clean the clutter, and healing relationships with a Month Numer 6; in preparation for the process of change. Six planets have been in retrograde, specifically the most impactful being Mercury retrograde in Libra, which began a day before the full moon in Pisces, potentially causing conflicts with relationships, disruption of mental processing, and technical glitches. We must remember that retrogrades provide a time for reflection and adjustments, certainly not at a time to make bold moves.

Prepare to take a deep dive amid transitions and transformation with a Universal Month Number 7 (2+0+2+2+1+0=7), the most spiritual number in numerology. Sevens hold a vibrational frequency of wisdom, intellect, and seeking for deeper understandings throughout all realms of life. As October is the 10th month, we are given a fresh start through the process of change and transformation.

10/10: The energy of 10 signifies a powerful new beginning. As October is the 10th month, this date could usher in significant change. Something new to be born (or reborn) as the 10th falls right after the full moon in Aries on the 9th. 9 represents endings and paired with the full moon representing reveals, and conclusions, there very well may be a tower moment. Needless to say, these two dates may not disappoint!

Full Moon in Aries 9/10: The Full Moon in Aries offers a powerful punch of change, initiation, and realizations rising to the surface. Take note that the last full moon in Pisces fell on 10/9 - nothing happens by chance! 9/10 is a day of endings and beginnings. Make sure to join my full moon ritual on 9/10 to take advantage of this powerful time for your transformational journey. I am now including group energy clearings targeting the subconscious to release limiting and stored beliefs for deeper transformation.

“The Universal Law of Casue and Effect is in constant motion. Our thoughts, emotions, intentions, and actions all have a reaction, a consequence.” – Tara Kabatoff

For the majority of October, we will be in Libra season. Paired with the Universal Number 7

we may be inspired to explore a deeper analysis of the truth to restore balance, harmony, fairness, and equality. Relationships may deepen towards a more spiritual connection while confidently voicing one's truth.

October is a time to reflect upon:

- What is my truth?

- Where can I introduce more balance and harmony?

- How can I go deeper with my spiritual practice?

October 23rd marks the beginning of Scorpio season as we prepare to travel into the depths for transformation. Scorpio paired with Universal Month Number 7 will encourage a deep dive within for dissection, analysis, intimacy, and understanding. To address changes regarding personal power, relationships, and financial matters.