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Everything you need to know about September 2021

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Change that will propel us forward with a Universal Month Number 5.

August was a month for building a solid foundation of personal development, career, family, or relationship relating to the manifestations you aim to create. Whatever you have been preparing for, get ready for the shake-up you may need that will propel you forward as we enter a Universal Month Number 5, within Month Number 9, and Universal Year Number 5!

(9+2+0+2+1 =1+4 =5)

No matter how you feel about change, it is inevitable. Change is needed to shake us out of idleness, challenge us, offer new opportunities, and make us grow. Wherever you are in your journey, be open to the change you wish to embrace that will advance your movement forward.

14/5 holds the Karmic Debt Number 14 which may lead to feeling chaotic, unorganized, or becoming easily swayed by temptations and overindulgence with toxic habits. Be aware of these feelings as additional effort may be required to keep things organized and (somewhat) under control.

We must embrace change as an opportunity for growth and expansion.

For the majority of September, we will be in Virgo Season. A time to honor thyself.

Look inward, connect with the mind, body, and soul to make adjustments needed for improvements.

You are a beautiful being capable of accomplishing incredible achievements within yourself and your outer world.

September is a time to reflect upon:

- What is holding me back?

- How can I connect more with my body?

- Are they any behaviours or habits that need to be released?

- Where can I make improvements in my life?

September 22nd marks the beginning of Libra season, pairing Universal Month Number 5 with justice, the karmic law of cause and effect, and when balance and harmony will be restored within aspects of love, money, and personal alignment.


Virgo season began on August 23rd. The New Moon in Virgo will initiate a cycle of goal-setting and integration of change into various areas of our lives for improvement. An ideal time to fine-tune aspects within health regimes, goal-setting, and commitment towards achieving results.