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Working with Energy: What you need to know

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

If you are in the process of healing, transformation, or practicing manifestation, you’ll most likely experience drastic mood swings, highs and lows, confusion, uncertainty, and alike.

Do not fret as this is normal - you are not alone.

Two reasons why this is happening; one being that you could be a highly sensitive person, empath, or healer, picking up on collective or environmental energy. The second; when you work through transformation, no matter how long the process is and the amount of shedding that needs to take place, energy will continually be lifted and released from stored areas within your body and the subconscious. During the release process, energy moves in your body and may become uncomfortable. Old programming, fears, limitations, and mental stories will percolate to the surface.

When these energies arise, we can identify, understand, process, and release them into the ether. Often, we are accustomed to shoving feelings and uncomfortable memories, not wanting to relive memories or spend time in discomfort. If we turn away from that which needs to be processed, the stored energy will sit and fester for as long as we allow and perhaps transmute into an illness or other uncontrollable triggers or reactions. We must face our shadows and look at the uncomfortable moment as a powerful time for transformation.

Transformation requires dedication, courage, patience, and self-care in a time to forgive, heal, and let go. Eventually, stored energies will disappear, allowing for space to create something far better than before. The feeling will be indescribable, far beyond anything you had experienced before.

Additionally, our collective is shifting rapidly. We are transitioning towards a higher state of consciousness, moving back to our ancestral beginnings of heightened intuition, love, connection, compassion, and a deep knowing that we are all one; we are all connected. Through this collective transition, the old paradigms will fall apart. We must be prepared and encourage the old to break away to rebuild anew.

Freedom of choice is our given right as human beings on this planet. We can choose to avoid facing what needs to change to develop richness in life or choose to face our fears with courage and conviction. Grab ahold of the transformation and shift perception to that of love, patience, compassion, and the desire for positive change.

The moon is a powerful force and influences the energy within us, whether you are aware of it or not. The moon moves large bodies of water, and it moves energy within us as we consist of 60-65% water. Old memories, feelings, beliefs, stories, and attachments rise to the surface as the moon transitions through various stages. Make sure to keep a moon journal or calendar close by and follow the lunar cycles. Over time, you will identify patterns and changes taking shape within yourself and your surroundings.

Remember everything is energy. Your body is made of energy and your mind is a highly influential force that can influence this energy, thus altering your reality and life experiences. If your perception is that of fear-based thoughts and beliefs, then that’s going to be the reality and experiences of your outer world. If your belief system is that of love, abundance, success, joy, then your outer world and life experiences are going to reflect accordingly.

How to identify fear? Fear contributes to negativity, frustration, victimhood, blame, shame, guilt, jealousy, immobilization, control, neediness, abandonment, and anything that feels heavy or prevents you from living freely, making decisions in alignment with your values and beliefs, and from a place of love. Love is a powerful and infinite frequency to embody.

Living in alignment and from a place of love is where you can create. You will attract a loving partnership, quality relationships with friends and family, wealth and prosperity, health, quality life experiences, and everything in-between. When you choose to work towards a higher vibrational state of being, you will also influence those around you. Soon after time, your relationships will change, family dynamics will change, and the high vibrational frequency will even expand to support the greater coll