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the Surface

It all started when...

​Three years ago, the Universe gave me time out; to sit in the corner and face the realities of my life. My reality of the past began to fade away as I went deep through a profound transformation of self-discovery. I'm not the type of person who stops at the surface. I search the depths for answers and what I found buried deep within my subconscious changed my reality forever.


My previous life felt like one massive lie formed by a construct of beliefs that began to develop in early childhood. I had built a life based on what I perceived as accepted within social norms yet to the detriment of my health, well-being, and the loss of my true, authentic self.

​I spent a lifetime going through hardships and felt extremely limited. Suffering from depression most of my life left me feeling alone and misunderstood, surrounded by toxicity, and suffering in silence by self-numbing through various substances. An all too familiar feeling that eventually became a form of acceptance. Even though something deep within wanted better, I didn't know what 'better' was nor how to get there.

Through the past three years of research, my healing and discovery journey, and assisting others through theirs, I have concluded that as human beings on this planet with a pervasive history of oppression, suppression, and repression, we all have experienced traumas of various degrees.

We have never been taught how to manage and process emotions from difficulties in life. We bury hurts and pains, building resiliency to carry on and manage life. But what happens when unprocessed difficulties get stored within the subconscious, limiting programs are formed, and energies transmute into illnesses and pains within the body. Subconscious programs shape our reality about who we are, how we interact in the world, and the life we end up creating, for better or worse. 

I began to realize how the wide range of difficulties from childhood critically influenced my psychological, emotional, mental, and physical states of being, which allowed me to see my reality through a different lens. Not from being in it but rather observing from an outside perspective. The reality that I had been living all my life became evident as to why I was living in such pain and illusions.


I have peeled back the layers of past conditioning to create an entirely new reality. Based on a profound alignment with who I truly am, I have increased awareness of the spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental aspects of life to rise higher into a greater expression of self.​

"Welcome to the Shadow Project, where you are invited to learn, connect, transform, and thrive."

With love,

Tara Kabatoff


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