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Understanding & Integrating Your Shadow

Your shadow self is where undesirable traits, wounds, and subconscious programming can unconsciously influence your behaviours, create limiting beliefs, and even affect your body.

Your shadow has developed from a construct of early life experiences, influences, and difficulties. Often, we cannot understand or connect with suppressed memories, emotions, or traumas, which limits us from experiencing life to our full potential, creating triggers, fears, health issues, and uncertainty on an unconscious level.

The benefits of shadow integration reach the root cause of profound awakening, transformation, and a level of wholeness. Results include healing deeper wounds and relationship dynamics, reconstructing unconscious patterns and dismantling limiting beliefs, and increasing self-awareness and life potential.

​Join the next Shadow Project in an intimate and supportive group environment to explore your shadow self through learning and conversation while releasing old subconscious patterns, beliefs and limitations to construct a new pathway toward your highest potential!

Program Details

Dates: July 3rd - July 31st

Every Monday & Thursday (time TBD)

90min hr Zoom Sessions
 release work, meditations, guidance,

tarot readings, and tools for your future!

Includes: 30-Day Shadow Journal

Only 5 Spaces are Available!

$400.00 USD

Read more on the release work and transformative testimonials

The Alchemy Program - 1:1 Private Sessions

Email me directly with questions and to reserve your spot.

Sessions will be held every Monday and Thursday - Times will be established based on approval from all attendees.

I look forward to working with you!


Shadow Journal
Included in your program! You'll receive a 30-day Shadow Journal to explore your shadow self with journal prompts for reflection and inner discovery.
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