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Traumas and experiences from early life become stored within the subconscious, forming limiting beliefs, patterns, and even chronic pains and illnesses within the body.

Life is then experienced through subconscious programs without realizing it.

These traumas and memories become triggered throughout life, affecting the body, perceptions, mindsets, emotions, relationships, confidence, and the like, until the source can be identified and released.

Your subconscious influences your behaviours, actions, and reality.
It's time to look within.

What is Shadow Work?

Shadow work is the practice of exploring and integrating the unconscious or repressed parts of yourself. It involves delving into the hidden aspects of your personality, such as fears, desires, traumas, and negative beliefs, and connecting the dots with past experiences to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, body ailments, emotional wounds, limiting beliefs, and unconscious patterns.

Everyone has a shadow aspect of self. We often deny, hide, or suppress the negative qualities that we may be uncomfortable wi
th or even ashamed of.

How Shadow Work Can
Change Your Life

By incorporating my intuitive healing practice and an intensive understanding of the teachings of clinical phycologist Michael J. Lincoln, PH.D., I can identify patterns, symptoms, and connecting networks within the body, psyche, and behaviours to target what needs to be addressed and released for profound change. I reach the areas you can't see or recognize, chapters of your life that have been closed, lost or forgotten. Mindfulness and manifestation techniques are incorporated to help reshape your future based on resolving the past.

The results of releasing stored traumas, limiting beliefs, and breaking patterns open new perceptions of reality, heal relationships, reduce anxiety and triggers, lighten moods, increase confidence, liberate from difficult memories, and much more.