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My purpose is to guide you towards your higher calling and help create the life you desire. I have spent a lifetime searching, exploring, and diving to the depths of the human experience. I am a truth seeker, empath, healer, and spiritual guide. I have gone deep so that you can fly.

As a teacher, healer, and guide, I specialize in personal and spiritual transformation through the practices of the law of attraction, manifestation, lunar cycles, alchemy, the tarot, body and trauma healing, subconscious programming, numerology, and the Seven Hermetic Principles.


Throughout many years of heightening my intuitive abilities, researching, studying, and searching for answers to "the great mysteries of life", I have transformed myself from a lifetime of accumulated traumas, fears, chronic health issues, depression, addictions, severe anxiety, and limiting beliefs. Since, I have drastically altered all areas of my life, starting from the inside out.


This experience has turned knowledge into wisdom to empower others to break free from fear and limitations, heal from the past, align with personal power and authenticity, and reach their full potential as conscious creators in all areas of life.

My practice is intuitive yet practical and goes deep within the subconscious to uncover what you need to know for release, clarity, guidance, transformation, and empowerment on your path to positive change. It's time to break free of illusions and see the truth within all realities.


In addition to my Golden Heart Rising Tarot channel, I recently launched my Tara Kabatoff channel where I'll be sharing personal stories, tips, guidance, and interviews with leading experts in manifestation, healing, and transformation.


"Your skill has endeared you into many hearts. In such a short time you have taught me how to be a more effective human being."


Life Path 27/9 / Soul Urge 7 / Expression 55/1
Libra Sun / Cancer Rising / Aquarius Moon / Scorpio Venus / 
Fire Dragon


Body Healing
& Energy Clearing

Release past traumas to open new networks for creating a fulfilling life experience


Alchemy Program
Create powerful change, starting from within.

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