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My purpose is to guide you into the depths of your subconscious to reach places within your psyche that you haven't explored before. Your shadow holds vital information that will free you from limiting beliefs and false realities.

As an intuitive healer, empath, and guide, I specialize in personal and spiritual transformation by exploring the depths of the subconscious. By dismantling false realities and limiting beliefs, constructive pathways become open for creating a new reality and healing capabilities.


Throughout many years of heightening my intuitive abilities, researching, studying, and searching for answers to what lies beneath the surface, I have transformed myself from a lifetime of accumulated traumas, fears, chronic health issues, depression, addictions, severe anxiety, and limiting beliefs. Facing the depths of my subconscious and conquering my greatest fears has drastically altered my life.

My greatest discovery was how traumatic and even subtle experiences of the past result in how we behave and what we believe. Our past experiences shape our subconscious, which forms our belief system, thus influencing our thoughts, emotions, and behaviours both consciously and unconsciously.


This experience has turned knowledge into wisdom to empower others to break free from fears and limitations, resolve the past, heal the body, align with personal power and authenticity, and reach their full potential. 


I utilize the deeper aspects of the subconscious and shadow aspect of the self to facilitate profound self-actualization and transformation, reflective of the new paradigm of self-discovery.

Areas of Study Include:

Numerology, Tarot, the Subconscious Mind, Hermetic Principles, Somatic Therapy, Shadow Work, and Metaphysics.


Join me for live tarot reading guidance on the Golden Heart Rising Tarot channel, or on my Tara Kabatoff channel where I share personal stories and guidance for diving into the depths of our shadow for healing, transformation, and manifestation.


"Your skill has endeared you into many hearts. In such a short time you have taught me how to be a more effective human being."


Uncover the truth of your subconscious to unlock a path toward healing.

Release past traumas to open new networks for creating a fulfilling life experience.


Alchemy Program

From the shadow into your light with 1:1 transformative guidance.

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